Art @ Vasilije Kovačev



Vasilije Kovacev is an artist born in Serbia on 11/20/1974.
He has been living in New York, USA, for a couple of years now.
He built his career in the world of fashion design, applied arts, and professorship.

For over fifteen years, he was teaching drawing and painting,
history of costume and fashion design, theory of form, and fashion illustration.

His work as a fashion designer was welcomed in fashion metropolises such as New York, Paris, Athens, etc. He has actively participated in group and solo exhibitions and fashion shows all over Europe, namely Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Poland, France, and in New York, USA.

In his work, he skillfully plays with monochrome and rich colors. 

The primordial explosion of emotions and experiences in the world of art and aesthetic that he carries within himself is best shown in the artistry of his expression through paintings, which are expressionist, abstract, and thus once again affirm the power of his presence in the contemporary aesthetic trends.

Vasilije Kovačev